Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard

Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard

In my last post I looked at the Marriott Bonvoy American Express credit card. Today I take a deeper dive into the Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard. This was the second card that had peaked my interest. As I mentioned earlier, I already carry the no-annual RBC Simply Cash credit card for 3c off gas at Petro-Canada stations.

The Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard does have an annual fee of $119 for the primary card holder and $59 for any additional card holders. This makes it a pricey card to have but the benefits do add up for those who travel with Westjet.

Here are the main benefits with the Westjet RBC World Elite Mastercard

  • Get 250 welcome WestJet dollars
  • Free first checked bags for the primary cardholder
  • Get an annual round-trip companion voucher starting at $99 CAD (plus taxes, fees and charges).
    • Canada and the Continental U.S. for $99 CAD
    • Hawaii, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for $299 CAD
    • The rest of the West Jet network for $399 CAD

Additional benefits with this card include:

  • Instant fuel savings at Petro-Canada with 3 cents per litre off and earn 20% more Petro-Points at Petro-Canada
  • Premium insurance coverage including trip interruption insurance, out of province/country emergency medical insurance, travel accident insurance, flight delay insurance, auto rental collision/loss damage insurance, hotel/motel burglary insurance, emergency purchase insurance and purchase security & extended warranty insurance

In order to determine the value of the card I took a look at some flight options to see how much I save with the annual fee and the companion voucher. So far it would be a flight with a minimum value of $219 ($119 + $99). Leaving from Toronto, an economy flight to Vancouver has a base fare of $408 when booked approximately a month out. If I looked for a flight to Fort Myers at the end of the year the economy flight base fare is $735 dollars. Value wise, this card is looking really good! It may be a better pick for me as I’m a fan of this cheaper flight option as well as all the travel insurance perks I’d want to be covered with. I’m leaning towards it over the Marriott Bonvoy American Express card.

What are your thoughts?

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