Fort Myers Activities

Fort Myers Activities

We’re back from Fort Myers and had a blast. A couple of our top highlights:

Tarpon Bay Explorers Nature and Sealife Cruise
This 1.5 hour tour started off at the touchtanks where our guide Lewis talked about the different sea creatures living in the bay.  It was by far the highlight for our little one.  The next hour, which easily turned into an hour and a bit, was spent cruising through the bay looking at different birds and sealife.  We spotted a couple dolphins and at least one manatee in the water. Explaining the importance of the mangroves we saw numerous birds nesting for the winter. If you want to just watch dolphins we had great luck over at the fishing pier by Sanibel Lighthouse.
The tours were $23 per adult and $15 per child.  It is also the best place to buy stuffed animals as souvenirs.   We regret not getting them but they were the cheapest we found in the Fort Myers area and a portion of the money goes back to the preservation of the park.

Shelling at the Beach
Nothing beats free.  Fort Myers and Sanibel Island are known for beach shell combers.  There’s a reason why they call it the Sanibel scoop.  What you see on the beach is just a portion of what is available.  A few steps into the water and with some patience you can pull out some beautiful pieces! We had quite the storm come through the area which meant great shelling. I was able to find a couple intact conchs, whelks and Atlantic giant cockles to take home as souvenirs.

Fort Myers IMAG History and Science Center
We had a day of rain and wind which lead us to staying onshore and checking out the indoor activities.  Despite the small size of IMAG, it had a fair bit of fun things to do.  The “Sea to See” touch tank and outdoor water tank explaining how locks and dams work were great water activities and the “Hands on Hall” exhibit was a ball of a good time.  Cost of entry is $14 USD per adult and $10 USD for children, free for children under two.  
Take note, there is no food inside the center so bring a lunch or be prepared to leave.  The staff were kind enough to let us come and go as we please and even recommended a restaurant for us. More on that one in the next post.

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