Sanibel and Fort Myers Food Scene

Sanibel and Fort Myers Food Scene

One last post for our trip, here are a few of our favourite places to eat.

On Sanibel Island check out The Pecking Order. It’s located two minutes from Tarpon Bay Explorers. They serve fantastic fried chicken and the kids menu come in plastic pails for the beach. They make a variety of hot sauces and the team was extremely friendly. Our favourite dish was the fried chicken breast, it was the size of a small chicken on its own. The biscuits were flaky and “light”, they were quite good with the side of honey but also doubled as a great tool to mop up the gravy from their pot pie.

You can’t go to Fort Myers beach for a vacation and not have some ice cream. The Royal Scoop has a huge variety. Each flavour is made from the mainland store in Bonita Springs. I particularly enjoyed the large chunks of chocolate in my son’s mint chocolate chip but stuck with the Bonita Gator Tracks – A swirl of fudge in vanilla ice cream with crushed Reese cups.

I mentioned we were at IMAG and came without a lunch. The recommendation from the staff was to eat at Farmers Market Restaurant down the street. You can’t miss it.
They served some incredible delicious corn bread as starters. The fried catfish was a tasty treat as was the lemon meringue pie. Shockingly the slice of pie was $3 USD. It could have easily gone for $5.95 in my mind!

I’m a big fan of freshly baked anything. My last mention will be Totally Baked on Sanibel Island. They bake everything fresh. They are known for the key lime cookies and donuts. I found the ham sandwich quite satisfying for lunch with their freshly baked bread. The portion was huge. I was hoping they would be serving their roast beef sandwiches but luck wasn’t on my side. The donuts were large and fluffy. The density of the dough was just right. While the glaze was unique, I had tangerine orange, I think there is more that could have been had to make it stand out more than with its size. I think I should have gone for a Boston Cream or an apple fritter. All that being said, I’d happily go back again for some breakfast muffins if I was in the area again. They had a couple samples as we arrived for lunch and there were scrumptious.

The other places we ate at include:
The Clam Shack – a quick deep fried meal on Sanibel Island. This was our first meal of our vacation. We didn’t get to town until 6PM after having a 5PM dip in the pool.
Our resort on Sanibel Island includes a $70 USD voucher for
Shima Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. We had a seafood teppanyaki meal which was great (because of the discount)
Yo! Taco along Fort Myers beach served up quick and tasty tacos.
Tuckaway Cafe also along Fort Myers beach makes some delicious breakfast bagel sandwiches. They are known for their Belgian waffles, a tasty treat.
Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria was a light dinner for us as we had just come from the Farmers Market. The free chips and salsa were really good. The tacos were alright in my mind.

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