Fort Myers Total Cost

Fort Myers Total Cost

The bills are coming in and I did a tally of our Fort Myers vacation costs. The trip departed Tuesday Dec 18 morning and came back to Toronto Sunday Dec 23.


  • West Jet flights: $417.41 per person for a total of $1252.23 CAD
  • Avis Car Rental: $259.75 USD or $362.43 CAD
  • Sanibel Bridge Toll: $6 USD or $7.96 CAD


  • Pointe Estero Beach Resort – $563.88 USD or $752.10 CAD
  • Sundial Beach Resort and Spa – $629.37 USD or $834.54 CAD 

Activities/Food/Discretionary Spending

  • Per VISA bill: $643.12 USD or $852.77 CAD

The grand total is $4062.03 CAD. Over the 6 days that we were there it works out to $677 CAD, plus minus a few dollars depending on the exact exchange rate I made the payment .

Does that seem like a lot? How much does your family spend per trip?

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