Affiliates Programs

Finding ways to make money comes in many forms. For starters there’s definitely your day to day job and then there are side hustles like running this website.

There are also many cashback opportunities, especially if you shop online. Here are a couple of my favourites, I’ll keep you posted on how I do with them.

Disclaimer, signing up via these links will earn me some commission.

The operation of Our 9 to 5 Escapes is done through HostPapa as our webserver and NamesPro as our domain name post.

I had selected NamesPro in the past for all of my domain name needs. They are Canadian owned, CIRA certified and ICANN accredited registrar. They offer a lifetime of identity protection. I don’t find their hosting rates to be the greatest which is why I ended up HostPapa. They had a great promotional rate that suited the start-up needs.

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